The toughest part of buying a new or used RV online is not finding what you want but deciding what you want. RV manufacturers offer motorhomes and travel trailers in a wealth of sizes and styles at a broad range of prices. Doing your RV shopping online on allows you to compare RVs from every major North American manufacturer in one handy place.

Buying an RV starts with deciding what type of RV will best suit your needs. Use our RV Buyer’s Guide to learn about different RV types. There are two basic types of RVs: motorhomes and towables. Each RV type offers several options in size, hauling capacity, amenities and luxury features.

  • Towable RVs have a separate living space that is towed by a truck or SUV. One of the biggest advantages of travel trailers, fifth wheels, truck campers and other towables is that you can detach your tow vehicle when you arrive at your destination and use it to get around while leaving the trailer parked at your campsite.
  • Motorhome RVs include the motor and living space in a single vehicle, allowing access the living space while you’re on the highway. Many motorhome owners tow a small vehicle behind their motorhome for use when they arrive at their destination.

Click on each RV type in our RV Buyer’s Guide for detailed information about each type of vehicle, including average size, cost range and standard features. To translate specs into visuals, check out our RV listings.

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