As I hung up the phone, out of the corner of my eye, I could see my spouse gloating.

“See,” she said. “It WAS worth the effort to make that phone call.”

I begrudgingly admitted that it truly was.

About a month ago, we decided to sell our RV privately and upgrade to a newer one. We posted the ad and immediately got a few responses. Most were tire kickers but there were a couple serious buyers that showed up to check out our RV.

As we weren’t in a huge hurry to sell – after all we could always get another season out of it, we were waiting for the right offer to come in. One lady seemed particularly serious, but for one reason or another we couldn’t come to an agreement.

This went on for a few weeks. By then we’d found the unit we wanted to buy and were getting serious about selling ours. As is life, people stopped calling about the RV.

At that point, I went through my notes (I always keep notes when I’m selling a big ticket item such as an RV, boat or even a car!) and saw that our lady hadn’t gotten back to us.

I was reluctant to call her, feeling that she’d already moved on and bought something else. But my wife suggested to me (in a way only wives can “suggest”) that I call her.

Feeling somewhat sheepish, I dialed the phone. When the lady answered, she remembered who I was right away. In fact, she said, “I’ve been meaning to call you. Can we come over and see your RV again?”

It turns out she – like most people – had just got busy with life and hadn’t made any purchase. It was in the back of her mind, but until I called, she had completely stopped thinking seriously about buying an RV.

My follow up phone call made all the difference. Now she’s got the RV of her dreams and we’ve been able to upgrade to our new “dream RV.”

There’s an old saying about follow up when it comes to sales: “Persistence Pays.”

In this case, persistence paid off handsomely for everyone involved.

This “factional” post (fiction based on actual fact) came to us from Russ Banister in British Columbia, Canada. Thanks Russ!

This really does happen by the way – we at RVT actually heard about a real life story that is almost identical to this one just recently. Want to hear about more real life selling experiences? Check out our testimonials page here! Do you have any interesting buying or selling stories you could share with us?

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