Recognized as the most respected name in automotive ratings, J.D. Power and Associates has weighed in on using the Internet to sell used vehicles, including selling used RVs. J.D. Power and Associates recently named online ads the most effective and useful shopping tool available today for used vehicle buyers, including used RV buyers.  J.D. Power and Associates also called online ads the most effective used vehicle sales tool available to sellers, which came as no surprise to used RV sellers who advertise online at

Here’s what Arianne Walker, director of marketing and media research at J.D. Power and Associates, said about online vehicle purchasing in an October 2009 press release:

“Internet shopping provides prospective buyers with the opportunity to search through enormous amounts of specific vehicle information without ever leaving home, allowing for a more efficient medium of matching buyers with unique used vehicles in the market. In light of this, (vehicle sellers) should expect the Internet to continue to increase in importance among used-vehicle shoppers and adjust their online presence accordingly.”

With the majority of used RV buyers starting their RV search on the Internet, online RV ads offer RV sellers the best and most cost-effective way to reach the maximum number of potential RV buyers. North America’s top online RV sales site, makes it easy to sell or buy used RVs online.

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