Believe it or not, there are agreed-upon methods for selling your used RV. And they are pretty simple to boot.

The first thing you want to do is let people know about your wish to sell your RV. Your friends, family, people at work, in your neighborhood, while standing in the grocery store checkout line. The more people that know, the greater your chances of success.

While you’re getting the word out about the great RV just waiting for the right next home, you want to clean it up real nice. You know, get rid of those old odors that made it home for you but can turn off a buyer – like pet smells or tobacco smoke.

Be sure to fix all the little things that will make a difference to your buyer – replace burned out light bulbs, tighten loose hinges and handles, fix the leaky faucet (actually that one can be a big one for an RV). It’s a good idea to gather all the RV and accessories manuals and have them in one place in your RV for your buyer to peruse when they come for a look. A list of all the maintenance and repairs that you’ve done to your RV will impress a buyer also.

You will want to set a fair market value for your beloved RV. First you might want to check the RVT NADA Guide to get a ballpark estimate of your vehicle’s worth. Be sure to take into account the overall condition of your particular unit along with the extras you’re offering.

Check the internet for your local “free” bulletin boards – like Craigslist – and local newspapers. Be sure to include a clear picture or two. Most people like to see what you’re selling along with reading a thorough description.

You might want to browse and even “watch” similar units to yours on RVT (and/or eBay) to see what price they actually bring to get a current snapshot of what the market is willing to pay. To reach the most people, you will probably want to advertise your unit online.

You can also go through a dealer that will sell your RV on consignment. This is a good option if you don’t want to market your unit or negotiate and process the paperwork from a sale. Check out the dealers that sell your brand of RV first; you can actually filter by RV manufacturer from our dealer search page.

If you want to sell really quickly, you might consider selling your RV to an RV dealer. Of course you may have to accept a lower price in this case but it may be worth it to you in time and hassle savings.

So there you have it. Now go ahead and sell that RV. Someone out there is looking for one just like yours!

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