There are lots more reasons to go to an RV show than may initially come to mind. That’s what I discovered anyway when I asked other members of two Facebook groups to which I belong if and why they go?  

Of course there were the usual answers such as from Fulltime RVers’ Coleen Sykora. “We go to some. When going through the new units, we note the things we like and don’t like. That way when it comes to the new purchase – or remodel – we’ll have a better idea of what we want.”

There was a lively chat on the subject by members of RVers Over 50. Responses to why people go to RV shows included:

  • to dream
  • to pick up decorating ideas
  • see new gadgets
  • compare the new units to what we have already
  • to see what the vendors are offering
  • to compare prices and features on a particular type of RV
  • to get out of the house in the winter (I liked this response most. Something rang true for me as I have been longing for warm spring days and the accompanying outdoor activities.)
  • to get some exercise
  • to attend seminars
  • to meet RVers
  • to find some sweet deals on RV accessories
  • for great entertainment (Yes, some shows actually book bands and other known performers.)
  • camaraderie with other RVers
  • reassurance that our purchasing decisions have been good ones

RV Show - Talk to reps

Pam Willetts said she only goes to an RV show if it’s a “multi-dealer type show where they have various vendors, not one that’s only with one or two dealers and no vendors.” So I learned that there is research to be done if I don’t want to be disappointed by a show’s size and offerings.

Brian Gould said “We bought ours (RV) at the Hershey (PA) show. There was plenty of opportunity to compare lots of models and the price was better than anything we had seen before or after.” Although the research I’ve read warns not to buy the big ticket RV at the shows but to go home and think about it first, then go to the dealer’s lot to purchase, obviously Brian would not agree.

Shorty Guptill said “I visit the vendor area and chat with different campground reps. I picked up several coupons at the Tampa (FL) show this year for big deals and free camping. I’m going to a campground here in Florida next month for four nights of free camping.”

And then finally Larry Meeks warned “Don’t go! It’s a trap. As soon as your spouse sees her dream home, your goose is cooked.” Okay, so you hear Larry’s warning. But I don’t know. I bet cooked goose can be pretty darn tasty if prepared just right!

Door Prizes at RV Show

Door Prizes at RV Show

Thanks to the Facebook RV group members who shared about your RV show and sale experience. Much appreciated. One place where you can check out where the shows are in your area is on the website. Happy shopping everyone!


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