I recently spotted a bright red travel trailer with an angular design. The color, the size (towed by a sedan car) and the metallic-looking window screens grabbed my attention immediately. It was a sixteen-foot ultra lightweight all-aluminum Camplite model by Livin Lite RVs. This little trailer was new to me and I’ve seen a good many.

The Camplite’s owner introduced me to his RV. The major selling point for the owner was that the trailer is all aluminum. The manufacturer claims “no wood – no rot, no steel – no rust.” The little trailer is ninety-eight percent recyclable and is made to be pulled by many full-sized sedans, minivans and cross-over vehicles.

Garrick's Camplite travel trailer light enough to tow with his  car.

Camplite travel trailer light enough to tow with his car.

The smallest Camplite trailer is 1,800 pounds. That would be the Camplite 11FK.

Inside I was impressed with its all-aluminum interior and its spaciousness. For the size, it had a full kitchen and a toilet with shower along with a queen-sized convertible bed/dinette and two bunk beds.

On the manufacturers website, I watched a seven-minute video about the design and manufacture of Livin Lite RVs. The entire frame is built with welded tubular aluminum. The floors are tongue and groove aluminum panels.  http://www.livinlite.com/camplite-overview.php

Livin Lite’s main headquarters are in Wakarusa, Indiana. They claim that the Camplite is the number one rated ultra light travel trailer and that sales are up eighteen hundred percent over the past three years.

The trailer exterior was beautiful. Metallic metals are used to paint the outside. Although this model did not have a slide out, the manufacturer offers some trailers with slide out rooms.

Another thing that stands out about the Camplite is the windows. They’re made of acrylic and are light-weight and adjustable. Aluminum day and night shades cover every window.

Camplite windows are acrylic and all have the day night shades.

Camplite windows are acrylic and all have the day night shades.

The trailer is not short on storage either. There is storage inside and pass-through storage accessible from the outside.

I understand that the Camplite brand is great for hauling toys although this owner opted for a model without the hauling space inside. I can see what he means. It is spacious and the aluminum floors would be easy to clean.

If you want to get a better idea of what’s available and price range, you can do a search  here at RVT.com.  http://www.rvt.com/

Happy summer camping everyone! Let me know if you see a unique RV out there on your travels.

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