Fifth wheel RVs and travel trailers are both towable RVs, meaning that they are towed by a separate vehicle. The biggest advantage 5th wheels and travel trailers have over motorhomes, besides their cheaper cost, is the fact that the vehicle used to tow them can be unhitched and used for local travel after you reach your destination. Of course, since most states do not allow people to ride in a 5th wheel or travel trailer while it is in motion (something that is allowed although not particularly recommended in motorhomes), one of the disadvantages of these RVs is that your tow vehicle must be large enough to accommodate your family while you’re on the road.

Affordability makes travel trailers somewhat more popular than 5th wheels, but the trade off in cost also requires a trade off in size. Generally, 5th wheels, which have two levels and may offer as many as 3 slides, are more spacious and offer more diverse layout designs than travel trailers; but they also cost more. The stairs required to reach the upper level in a 5th wheel, typically the master bedroom, although sometimes the living room, make 5th wheels a poor choice for people with mobility issues.

To be continued

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