Have you checked out the brand new look of RVT.com’s new and used RV classified listings? If you’re in the market to buy an RV, RVT.com has made it even easier to find the RV you’re looking for. From our homepage, click on RVs for Sale in our lefthand RVT Resources navigation bar. Large, full-color photos of each RV class make it easy for RV buyers to quickly identify the type of RV they’re looking for.

Click on the RV type you’re interested in to get helpful information about that particular RV class. RVT provides a comprehensive summary of the RV class including basic construction information, standard features and helpful notes about ease of driving, fuel economy and other items specific to the class. RVT also provides a full-sized photo of a representative RV with length and cost ranges. 

Both RV sellers and RV buyers will like our new RV classified ad listings which allow buyers to quickly search by RV maker or location. If you are set on buying a certain RV model, our new listings tell you how many are for sale on RVT.com and allow you to quickly view all listings for that model with a quick click. If you want to purchase an RV offered for sale in a certain state, you can browse RV ad listings by state. Or click on View All Listings  under the summary description to browse all RV ads in that class.

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