One of the most exciting trends in the RV industry is the development of extremely lightweight RV travel trailers that can be pulled by the average family sedan, negating the need for a special tow vehicle. With gas prices expected to remain high, the fuel savings offered by ultralight travel trailers resonates with RV buyers. But ultralight popularity is also being driven by Americans’ interest in living a greener, more sustainable lifestyle. Ultralight RV travel trailers fuse both goals, reducing fuel consumption by replacing steel and wood chassis with lightweight aluminum and sustainable or recycled composite construction materials.

To meet mileage and tow weight goals, most ultralight manufacturers have had to sacrifice square footage. Ultralights are generally more compact that full-size travel trailers and may not offer as great a range of luxury options. However, improvements in ultralight technology and composite materials are creating a wider range of options for ultralight fans. Livin Lite¬†recently introduced a line of larger ultralight¬†travel trailers that can be towed by a number of full-size sedans, most minivans and SUVs, and Jeep Wranglers. Constructed of aluminum and composites, the company’s lightweight RV travel trailers are 98% recyclable and start at a feathery 600 pounds dry weight. Even the largest model weighs in at just 2,999 pounds!

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