In a 2011 consumer survey conducted by the University of Michigan for the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), 1 in 5 American households expressed interest in purchasing an RV. The two fastest-growing demographics in the RV Nation are retiring Baby Boomers and empty-nesters over the age of 55 and singles and young couples under age 35. The increasingly diverse RV buyer pool has spurred RV manufacturers to introduce a greater range of feature choices that allow RV buyers to customize their RV purchase at the factory or dealership level.

Personalized living space is one of the hottest RV trends for 2012. Using multiple and deeper slides, RV manufacturers have been able to abandon the traditional shotgun layout and introduce exciting new L-shaped floor plans in select 2012 RV motorhomes and travel trailers. The new floor plans provide RV buyers with greater flexibility in creating living spaces that suit their lifestyle.

Greater use of panoramic views, picture windows and skylights is brightening up RV interiors and creating a more fluid bridge to the natural world outside. Specialized built-ins and more efficient use of vertical space are giving RV owners the storage space they need for prolonged trips and full-time living. In recognition of the increasing interest in full-time RV use, RV manufacturers are offering full-sized kitchens and bathrooms as an option in a greater range of RV models. New RVs are also coming off the production line fully wired to accommodate advanced electronic, digital and wireless technology.

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