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Kampgrounds of America and their big Yellow Signs+

Have you wondered about those big yellow and black KOA signs positioned off almost every major highway in North America?...

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A National Parks RV Tour of A Lifetime+

Whoopee! This year my little family of four qualifies for a Senior (62 or older)  $10 Lifetime National Parks Pass....

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Who Doesn’t Love Bambi?+

I don’t know anybody who isn’t carried off on some cabin-on-wheels fantasy each time they lay eyes on those silver...

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Ever Thought of Bidding for an RV Rental?+

With dreams floating around in my head about a July 4th RV vacation, I signed up for an auction of...

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Do You Know Camplite by Livin Lite Recreational Vehicles?+

I recently spotted a bright red travel trailer with an angular design. The color, the size (towed by a sedan...

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Has Your RV or Tow Vehicle Been Recalled?+

Ever heard of NHTSA (National Highway Transportation Safety Administration)? They are an administration established back in the 1970′s under the...

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An Extra Special Super Center?+

Psst! Do you intend to travel on Interstate 5 south of Portland and north of Eugene, Oregon? I do! And...

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How to Sell Your Used RV+

Believe it or not, there are agreed-upon methods for selling your used RV. And they are pretty simple to boot....

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Get Ready! It’s RV Show Time of Year!+

RV shows are the best places to do research on the type of RV you’ve been dreaming of having. At...

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Ever Go to an RV Show?+

There are lots more reasons to go to an RV show than may initially come to mind. That’s what I...

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Do you Need an RV Emergency Road Service Plan?+

Almost everyone with an RV looks into buying an RV emergency road assistance plan. Why? Because we may need help...

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