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Use the Power of Video to Sell Your RV

Video has the power to capture and hold attention like no other media. The difference between an online RV ad with photos and an ad with photos and a video is like the difference between handing a potential RV buyer a flyer and offering to walk him through your rig. Obviously, a walk-thru is more likely to close the sale than a flyer. For RV buyers, taking a video tour of your RV is the next best thing to actually being there.

That's the power of video. It puts potential buyers in the picture. As video viewers follow you on a tour of your RV, they gain a better sense of size, space and flow than photos alone can convey. As you open and close cabinets and closets, pan each room, and zoom-in on special features, viewers start to see themselves living in your RV. They start thinking about where they'll put the towels and how they'll organize the kitchen. With every video step, you draw potential buyers closer to purchase. makes it so easy to add a video to your online RV ad - it's a simple one-step process -- that it's surprising all RV sellers don't take advantage of this service, especially since it's FREE with all paid ads. Posting a video to your online listing not only attracts more shoppers on; it allows millions of YouTube viewers to take a virtual tour of your motorhome or travel trailer.

Filming a video tour of your RV isn't hard, but it does take a little planning and may require a practice run or two. Use these tips to create a dynamite video that will help sell your RV:

  1. Before you start filming, clear out the clutter but leave a few pieces of furniture in each room to give your RV a homey look. Give your rig a good scrubbing inside and out, and make necessary repairs.
  2. Stage your RV for the shoot. Open the awning and slideouts, hang a jacket in the closet and place a few boxes of food on a kitchen shelf to provide a sense of scale.
  3. Scout a good location to show off your RV's exterior. A bright, sunny site with a stand of trees in the background is perfect.
  4. Choose a sunny day for filming, turn on all interior lights and enlist a friend to shine a portable spotlight into dark corners and on special features as you film.
  5. You don't have to narrate your video, but it's a great way to point out special features. Keep your comments brief and to the point. You may want to write out a script and have a friend read it while you film.
  6. Rehearse before you shoot until your video flows smoothly. If necessary, pause filming while climbing stairs to avoid jerking the camera. Film until you're satisfied with your video.
  7. Always review the entire video before uploading it to

Lights! Camera! Action! Add a video to your ad today!

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