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Smart Tips for Selling Your RV Online

The winter months are the perfect time to sell your RV online. Before the spring camping season starts more than 16,000 motivated RV shoppers will be visiting every day hoping to find the RV of their dreams. Selling your RV online doesn't take a magician's flair -- especially when you follow's easy 4-step ad placement process - but there are three tricks that will help you sell your RV quickly and at the best possible price:

1. Put your ad where RV shoppers will see it. Before someone can buy your RV, they have to see your ad. Placing your RV ad online instantly expands your potential buyer pool far beyond the bounds of your local community. For example, more than 500,000 motivated RV shoppers from across America and Canada visit every month, generating over 2 million RV ad views. RV shoppers can also access listings from Facebook and via free iPhone and iPad apps. You can't get that kind of exposure with a classified ad in your local newspaper.

2. Make sure shoppers notice your RV ad. Nearly 54,000 RVs, trucks and trailers are listed for sale on If you want to sell your RV quickly, you have to make sure your online ad stands out from the crowd. There are several ways to call attention to your RV listing.

  • Always include a photo of your RV with your listing. Shoppers skim right past ads without photos. Even's free Basic ad allows you to post a photo of your RV.
  • To increase the visibility of your ad, consider upgrading to featured ad placement. Maximize shopper exposure with homepage ads that are viewed by every visitor or use featured search listings to bring your ad to the attention of shoppers that search by state.
  • Adding bold red or bold black type to your ad is another way to catch the eye of shoppers as they skim down a page of RV ads.

3. Include all the information RV shoppers want in your online ad. To aid RV sellers, provides a handy fill-in-the-blank vehicle description form for listing your RV's vital statistics. Use the unlimited description space included with every ad to list your RV's special features, including improvements, upgrades, remodels and non-standard amenities. While the verbal description of your RV is important, internet shoppers want to see what they are buying so include as many photos as possible with your ad. At minimum, you need to show front and side-views of your RV's exterior, photos of each room/area, close-ups of special features and a floor plan. Adding a video tour to your ad gives buyers a 3-D look at your RV and can help close the sale.

It is also important to include the asking price in your online ad. Buyers want to know whether your RV is in their budget ballpark. To price your RV competitively, use Price Checker to compare your RV's NADA book value to the asking prices of similar RVs listed on

For more online sales tips, check out our How to Sell an RV guide on

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