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Twitter Tips for RV Dealers

With the move toward smartphones and mobile communication, Twitter is becoming a necessary and useful tool for RV dealers. RV dealers who are already benefitting from the increased customer traffic generated by’s Twitter feed recognize the potential Twitter has to build RV dealership brands, expand market coverage and develop strong customer service relationships. With more than 20 million U.S. users, Twitter is fast replacing email as the fastest way to communicate with customers. Twitter is easy to use but there are some tricks that will increase its benefits to RV dealers.

Twitter DOs and DON’Ts:

DO keep your tweets under the 140 character maximum. Any extra letters will be lost, leaving your tweet incomplete which can confuse or annoy recipients.

DON’T tweet too often or space your tweets close together. Three to 5 tweets per day spaced every 2 to 3 hours are enough to retain customer focus without being annoying your customers or interfering with other twitter feeds.

DO monitor your Twitter feed regularly and respond to customer queries promptly. Twitter users expect to receive near immediate response to their tweets.

DO provide your followers with information that is interesting, useful and varied. Include tweets about RV activities beyond dealership business, such as regional RV shows, local RV club events, new RV products and new travel apps.

DO use tweets to ask questions, remind customers about appointments, relay general information to customers, take spot surveys and request feedback.

DON’T divulge personal or private information in a tweet, either yours or the customer’s. Always remember that Twitter is a public network. Don’t say anything on Twitter you wouldn’t shout across a crowded room.

DO use Tweets to introduce new staff, announce sales and provide links to online service center coupons.

DON’T limit tweets to marketing messages or dealership plugs. An occasional marketing announcement is OK; but if that’s all you offer, followers will become bored and drop out.

DO include links to articles, photos and videos to back-up fact and keep followers interested. Use Twitter’s automatic link-shrinking feature to conserve characters.

DO tweet about RV-related websites and blogs you think your customers might find interesting.

DO learn to use Twitter symbols:

@ Used to direct tweets to an individual or respond to tweet. Place immediately before the user’s name (@JoeSmith).
# Used to organize tweets by subject. Place before a keyword when tweeting about a specific topics (#hitch to tweet about trailer hitch specs).
RT The abbreviation for retweet. Place at beginning of a tweet you are forwarding to others.
DM Stands for direct message. Place at beginning of a tweet to indicate a private tweet to a specific person.

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