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Best Practices for Online RV Dealership Ads

When RV dealers post dealership inventories on classified ad websites like, two seemingly opposing forces come into play:

  1. On the plus side, exposing RV dealership inventories to a national online audience dramatically increase sales potential. Online advertising expands a dealer’s market reach far beyond his local area, allowing dealers to tap into the much larger and more lucrative national market. With more than 80% of vehicle buyers beginning their RV search on the internet, online classified advertising puts RV dealership inventories where the buyers are.
  2. On the down side, online RV advertising significantly increases sales competition, pitting RV dealerships against other dealers, manufacturers, and private sellers nationwide. To beat the competition, RV dealers must create online classified ads that attract and hold the attention of potential buyers.

To successfully compete in the online marketplace, RV dealership ads must attract the attention of buyers and give them the information they want. There are thousands of RV classified ads posted on the internet. If your ad doesn’t stand out, RV shoppers will scan past it. Savvy RV dealers use a combination of featured placement and bold or colored type to call attention to their online classified ads.

  • Premium homepage ad placement ensures that every site visitor sees your dealership ads first, a considerable competitive advantage. On, for example, homepage ads are viewed by 15,000 RV buyers and sellers daily! Featured state/province ads are another way to boost ad visibility. When site visitors search for RVs in a specific state, featured state/province ads appear above the search results where RV shoppers see them first.
  • Adding bold black or red type to dealership ads is an inexpensive way to make sure your ads stand out. Studies have shown that the human eye is attracted to red and bold type first when scanning a web page.

Calling attention to dealership ads enticed RV shoppers to stop and click on an ad; but if the ad doesn’t provide the information shoppers are looking for, they’ll quickly click away. Unlike newspaper classifieds that are priced by word count, online sites like provide unlimited vehicle description space. When creating online classified ads, RV dealers should fill in as much information about the vehicle as possible. links each piece of information on the vehicle description form to specific search parameters. The more information provided; the more often the ad will be matched to buyer search criteria, increasing sales opportunities.

Good photos are also critical. Online RV shoppers want to see what they’re buying and typically click past ads without photos. (The same goes for price, although dealers may be hampered by manufacturer agreements that prohibit posting prices.) Video ads are the best, although most underused, sales feature on and one which RV dealers should be using to their advantage. Adding RV video tours to dealership ads not only distinguishes your ads from the competition, video tours help put the buyer inside the RV and one step closer to making the sale.

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