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RV Dealers Use Analytics to Target Online Marketing Campaigns

U.S. businesses spent more than $11 billion on online advertising last year and that number is expected to increase annually as the American marketplace continues to move online. More than 80% of shoppers already begin their search for a vehicle online, according to J. D. Power & Associates. Increasingly, RV dealers are focusing marketing campaigns online to capitalize on that enormous sales potential. It’s a not-so-simple matter of putting your product where the buyers are. Today, that means on the Internet and, increasingly, on social media sites, particularly Facebook.

There is more to successful Internet marketing than just plopping your RV inventory on a website. This is where the “not-so-simple” aspect comes into play. Creating an online marketing campaign that earns a respectable return on investment requires constant monitoring and adjustment to keep it focused on dealership marketing goals and the targeted audience. Computer analytics are the tools that provide the hard data RV dealerships use to measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

Analytics programs break down marketing response into individual, measurable elements and generate marketing-directed statistics that can be used to (1) facilitate campaign optimization, (2) determine targeting effectiveness, and (3) measure goal attainment. Here are some of the ways analytics can help RV dealers fine tune online marketing initiatives to better reach targeted marketing goals:

  • Analytics programs track the number of site visitors and reveal important demographics such as age, sex, financial status and geographic location, allowing dealers to target specific populations or adjust marketing efforts if the target audience is not responding.
  • Analytics measure the number of ad views each ad receives and pinpoint which ads receive the most traffic, assisting in advertising optimization. For example, if online video ads receive significantly more traffic than photo-only ads, it would make sense to increase the number of video ads.
  • Analytics track how much time a shopper spends viewing an ad and how often he returns to that ad. This can help sales staff target promising leads.
  • Analytics can analyze opportunity costs and compare the financial value of different marketing techniques.

Analytics increase advertising efficiency and provide RV dealers with the immediate and ongoing evaluation needed to keep online marketing campaigns targeted and on track. RV dealers can no longer afford to merely dabble in online marketing. To succeed in today’s competitive RV marketplace, dealers must embrace online advertising.

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