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Best Practices for Managing RV Dealership Inventory

Inventory management is a critical factor in the success and profitability of RV dealerships. RV dealers must divide their energies between two main inventory problems:

  1. Selling new RV stock delivered by the manufacturer.
  2. Moving used RVs acquired as trade-ins.

With a significant amount of capital invested in inventory, every RV sitting in a dealership showroom or out on the lot is a drain on the dealer’s profitability. For decades, the cost of maintaining a considerable onsite inventory has been considered the price of doing business; but the acceptance of the Internet as a purchasing tool coupled with changing consumer habits driven by social media is turning out to be a game-changer.

Online classified ad sites are expanding RV dealership markets nationwide and driving targeted volume traffic directly to dealership websites. And RV dealerships don’t have to reinvent the wheel. By advertising inventory on a successful online RV classified ad site like, RV dealers can instantly reap the rewards of a highly-placed Internet presence and richly-developed social media network with proven performance. Every month attracts nearly half a million targeted RV shoppers who generate more than 2 million ad views.

Moving inventory is just one benefit of listing your RV dealership inventory online. Online inventory management tools quickly identify trends and buying patterns, allowing RV dealers to refine marketing strategies and target specific geographic regions or consumer groups. Daily automatic inventory updates save time and ensure that your dealership inventory receives maximum online exposure. With’s easy-to-use online account management tools, RV dealers can modify RV ads and quickly follow up customer leads from their computer, iPhone or iPad.

Additional inventory management advantages offered by the Dealership Program include:

  • Our FTP Data System allows you to list your entire inventory on directly from your website or from other online sites.
  • Ad listings can be sent to multiple websites from a single source.
  • You can easily manage a few ads or several hundred with a single login.
  • provides free expert technical support and can work with your chosen data partner or custom solution.

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