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Use Video Power to Boost RV Dealership Sales

Pictures are like Velcro, they stick in the mind long after words are forgotten. Video takes visual memory to the ultimate level, integrating two of our most prominent senses – sight and sound – to deliver messages with staying power. According to national research conducted by the Wharton School of Business, consumers are 72% more likely to purchase an online product when video is used.

Think about it. Which do you remember best: a blog you read yesterday or the funny cat video you saw on YouTube last week? It may be embarrassing to admit, but it’s the cat video that is still stuck in your brain. You may be able to recall the gist of the blog post; but every time you close your eyes, your brain cues up a vivid picture of that ridiculous cat playing the piano.

That’s the power of video. By engaging the 3 Vs of communication – Verbal, Vocal and Visual – video provides optimum connection between RV dealership sales staff and potential RV buyers. Noted UCLA psychologist Albert Mehrabian, the recognized international expert in the study of human response to verbal and non-verbal communication, discovered (1) that three elements make face-to-face communication the most effective way to deliver a message, and (2) that the relationship between those three elements is critical to the successful receipt of a message. During three decades of research, Mehrabian developed the 7%-38%-55% Rule, now an advertising industry standard, which describes how consumers evaluate information.

Applying the 7%-38%-55% Rule to the 3 Vs reveals how messages impact consumers, as well as the importance people place on each element of a presentation, whether it’s a face-to-face meeting, television commercial, online video or sales presentation:

  • Verbal. The words used account for just 7% of a person’s receptiveness to a communicated message.
  • Vocal. The presenter’s tone of voice is responsible for 38% of a message’s effectiveness.
  • Visual. By far the most critical element in message dissemination, non-verbal communication, particularly facial expression and body language, accounts for 55% of a message’s impact.

Adding video to online RV ads allows RV dealers to capitalize on the considerable power of visual communication to draw customers and boost RV sales. RVT’s Dealership Advertising Program allows RV dealers and sales personnel to quickly and easily download sales videos to all their online RV ads – and it’s FREE at

Forging a more personal connection between RV dealers and potential buyers, online advertising videos give RV dealers a distinct competitive edge. Videos hold the attention of consumers far longer than print or photo ads, providing RV dealers with additional time to showcase the unique features of each RV on their inventory list. The next best thing to personally welcoming customers into your showroom, online video ads can reflect the personality of your RV dealership, setting you apart from the competition and ensuring that RV shoppers remember you and your RV ad when they’re ready to buy.

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