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Up-to-Date Online Inventory Maximizes RV Dealership Sales

Traffic + Inventory = Sales. It’s a simple equation and one of the basic tenants of successful online advertising in any product market, particularly highly-competitive new and used RV sales. Every day, more than 15,000 motivated RV shoppers visit to check out the latest RV listings. While savvy RV dealers understand the power of the Internet to expand marketing reach, increase customer traffic and drive sales, if they’re not addressing two critical issues, they may not be gaining maximum sales potential from their online ad campaign.

To hone their competitive edge online, RV dealers must:

  1. Keep online RV inventory up-to-date.
  2. Provide complete listing information when listing RV inventory.

Keep online RV inventory up-to-date

RV shoppers are constantly checking and rechecking popular online RV sales sites like to see what’s new. Once they hone in on a particular RV make and model, many RV shoppers use RVT’s Auto Notify feature to stay on top of new listings. By regularly updating online inventory, RV dealerships constantly generate new data that attracts more attention from website search engines. This significantly increases the likelihood that your RV dealership ads will be featured when a consumer initiates an RV search.

RV dealers that regularly update online inventory and pricing are the most likely to succeed on the Internet. Regularly updating your dealership inventory online ensures that you won’t miss important leads or sales. By partnering with the most effective leaders in Internet Management Technology, has created an exceptionally user-friendly interface that makes it fast and efficient for RV dealers to upload their entire dealership inventory from their own website, saving time and money.

Provide complete listing information

When RV shoppers scan online RV classified ads, they are attracted by:

  1. Type face. Bold and red type attract the eye first when a shopper scans a page of RV ads.
  2. Photos. The Internet is a visual medium. RVT has found that multiple photos drive an average 31% more leads to dealerships that advertise online. Online RV shoppers rely on visual presentation to determine which ads to open and review. Many pass over ads that lack photos. The bottom line is: no picture, no click.
  3. Ad content. When RV buyers review online ads, they are looking for maximum information. Online RV ads that contain plenty of photos, complete make and model data, and a detailed description of features generate greater buyer interest and higher-quality sales leads. In online advertising, ad content stands-in for one-on-one contact with your sales staff. Online ads should receive the same attention as a customer who walks into your dealership showroom.
  4. Price. RV shoppers want to know whether an RV is in their price range before they spend time reviewing features. Lack of dealership pricing information is the No. 1 consumer complaint received by While our online sales specialists understand that some RV manufacturers prohibit dealers from listing actual sale prices online, most consumers are unaware of this restriction and may skip over ads without prices. To encourage RV shoppers to call or link to your dealership to obtain pricing information, RV dealers may want to include a brief explanation of pricing restrictions with their invitation to call for pricing.

Bottom line: RV dealerships that keep their online inventory up-to-date and provide RV shoppers with plenty of quality information will generate more sales income from online advertising.

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