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Putting Facebook and Twitter to Work for Your RV Dealership

If Facebook turned communication into participatory social interaction, Twitter gave it immediacy. It’s the one-two punch that is reshaping the way RV dealers interact with their customers. The overwhelming popularity, universal appeal and interconnectedness of new social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have RV dealers scrambling to develop new marketing strategies that appeal to today’s plugged in, technology-driven consumers.

Consumers are no longer content to sit back and let your sales pitch wash over them, they are using Facebook and Twitter to inject themselves into the sales process, taking an active role whether it’s offered or not. RV dealers can embrace social media and learn how to make it work for them or go down for the count because the only winners in today’s marketing arena are going to be those RV dealers who have integrated social media into their dealership marketing programs.

Consider the recent experience of Proctor & Gamble, the world’s biggest marketing spender. P&G introduced its “Smell like a man” Old Spice marketing campaign on the Internet and in traditional media simultaneously. Consumer interaction was invited by asking consumers to vote on commercials posted to YouTube. Tweets and Facebook posts took the videos viral, prompting a rash of consumer-created parodies and generating 140 million YouTube views – priceless free advertising. Old Spice Twitter followers skyrocketed to 120,000, a jump of 2,700 percent, P&G global marketing and chief branding officer Marc Pritchard said at the recent Association of National Advertisers conference. Overnight, social medial turned the image of P&G’s flagging Old Spice brand from tired and out-dated to hip, pop-culture icon.

With more than a decade of successful Internet sales, was also quick to spot the marketing potential of new social media to engage RV consumers. Our Dealership Advertising Program allows RV dealers to immediately tap into this powerful resource by capitalizing on RVT’s already successful Facebook and Twitter presence to engage potential RV buyers. RVT’s dealership marketing program now allows you to post your new and used RV inventory on Twitter and will soon offer Facebook integration, exponentially expanding your customer base.

Marketing is on the cusp of “one of the most exciting eras in brand-building history,” Pritchard, told fellow marketing professionals. Social media give “everyone a microphone,” he said, allowing consumers to be “part of the conversation about our brands – good, bad or indifferent.” Don’t be left out of the conversation; let RVT’s Dealership Advertising make you a winner.

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