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How RV Dealers Can Use Social Media to Create Effective Online Marketing Campaigns

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and business blogs are the Big 4 social media marketing tools driving today’s consumer marketplace, including RV sales. Social media are changing the way people communicate and conduct business. In our plugged-in, on-the-go world, if you want to reach your customer base, you have to have an Internet-driven marketing strategy that is mobile, instant and interactive. RV dealers are finding that it is no longer enough to have a corporate website. Your marketing message and RV inventory have to go wherever your customers go, be instantly available 24/7 and allow customers to interact with your dealership team.

Most RV buyers don’t stop by the showroom to check out different RV models. They’re getting their info and specs online. They don’t call to discuss the merits of different RV models with your sales staff. They’ve already perused your RV inventory on Facebook and tweeted their questions. And modern customers certainly aren’t going to wait for you to get back to them tomorrow or the next day. Used to tweeting their thoughts as they occur, customers expect your response to their inquiries to be as immediate, preferably within the hour and certainly before lunch!

RV dealers who want to connect with modern RV buyers must embrace social media and learn to make it work for them. More than 80% of Fortune 100 companies have invested in at least one of the Big 4 social media marketing platforms. In a survey conducted by international media guru iStrategy earlier this year, companies dedicated to social marketing increased their sales by 18% while those who stuck with traditional marketing (newspapers, radio, TV, direct mail) experienced a 6% decrease in sales. The biggest hurdles for RV dealers ready to make the leap into social media marketing are:

  • Lack of familiarity with social media platforms.
  • Lack of time or staff with the skills to build and monitor an effective Facebook page, create and respond to tweets or write targeted blog entries.
  • Expense of designing proprietary social media sites.
  • Time required to build a customer following.

RVT’s dealership program allows RV dealers to jump into social media marketing and immediately benefit from its potential to drive traffic to your website, create sales leads, build brand recognition, improve customer relations, and generate sales. Choosing to advertise your dealership’s new and used RV inventory via RVT’s online classified ad program for RV dealers allows you to tap into fully-developed social media platforms that already attract a proven customer base of motivated RV buyers. When you participate in’s dealership program, in addition to nationwide exposure, you benefit from:

  • A regularly updated Facebook page that draws a large, dedicated fan base.
  • Daily tweets on RV topics and events of interest to RV dealers and consumers.
  • A highly desirable presence in your local community via Oodle.
  • A professionally written blog that attracts a high-level of readership.
  • An iPhone app that allows on-the-go customers to access and share ads.
  • Access to the thousands of motivated RV buyers and sellers who visit the website daily to check out RV ad postings with links from your classified ads to your home website.
  • And much more. Click here for full details about the RV dealership online ad program.

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