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Best Practices for Selling Your RV

Selling your RV today takes a multi-dimensional approach. Certainly, you'll want to display your RV in a high-traffic location and place “Sale” signs where they are easily visible to passing traffic. Preparing a window sheet of pertinent features will cut down on casual inquiries. Savvy sellers will also create a take-away sheet of features and contact information for interested buyers. But every good salesman knows that to make the sale, you have to take your product to the buyer. Today, that means advertising on the Internet.

Sixty-two percent of buyers use the Internet to research and shop for used vehicles a 2008 J.D. Power and Associates report found. “A majority of used-vehicle buyers who use the Internet to conduct vehicle research during the shopping process - more than six in 10 buyers - purchase a vehicle that they find online,” according to a press release on the organization's website.

Advertising your RV online widens your prospective buyer pool, allowing you to reach a national, even international, audience. Online RV sales sites provide plenty of space to list all your RV's features and let you download photos to give potential buyers a virtual tour. Even if sales are sluggish in your local market, online advertising brings your vehicle to the attention of avid buyers in more lucrative markets.

One of the top search words on eBay is “RV,” an indication of the popularity of online RV sales. But selling on eBay can be risky. You can do better than eBay's “highest bid price” on a website dedicated to used RV sales. These websites not only draw more focused buyers, they attract buyers ready to purchase.

Follow these sales tips when listing your RV online:

  • Do a little research before setting a sale price. Check the NADA RV pricing guide and comparable online listings; price your RV competitively. Leave yourself some haggle room; buyers love a bargain.
  • Spend some time crafting your sales text. Think like a buyer. Highlight features that set your RV above the competition. Use descriptive adjectives. Personalize your narrative with a few memorable experiences from your RV travels. If the sales site allows unlimited text, grab the buyer's attention with special features, give a general overview, then provide detailed information about major features for truly interested buyers.
  • Clean and polish your RV before you shoot photos for your online ad. Take photos on a bright, sunny day, turn on all the lights, and have someone shine a spotlight into rooms, cupboards and closets as you click away. Post as many photos as the sales site allows. Using photos to take potential buyers on a virtual tour of your RV often makes the sale.

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