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7 Top Tips for Creating Great RV Dealership Videos

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Like any form of marketing or advertising, video can make you look brilliant - or clueless. If you prefer the "brilliant" category, here are a few tips that will help you get there:

Define Your Audience. It's always exciting when a video goes viral, but 1-size does NOT fit all. Focus on results. You want to make people interested enough to visit your website or give you a call about a particular RV. So, narrow your audience. It works.

Are you looking for the retiree who is getting ready to hit the road for the first time? Younger families? Upgraders? Or someone with a different stake in RVs, like the travel club member or the RV campgrounds manager?

Think Beyond City Limits. As a local RV Dealership, you naturally want to attract the hometown crowd, but don't underestimate the business you can get from distance shoppers looking for that perfect vehicle. "Sight unseen" buyers, they're called. And they can be an absolute delight to deal with.

Personalized video needs to become your very best friend when selling to out of State buyers. It works gang busters!

But also, speaking of topics for video, think about those travelers passing through your area who could benefit from your sales or service departments. In every YouTube video you upload, include your Dealership's name, address, phone number and a view of your facility to make it easy for out-of-towners to find you.

Stick to Your Strengths. Just like your blogs, your video should provide real value to your audience. Shoot every RV as they come into your inventory, of course, because you'll generate greater response to your classifieds with a video than without a video. But also, whether you cover travel, RV maintenance tips or newly released RV models, viewers will be able to tell instantly whether you know what you're talking about and if your video is veering dangerously into self-promotion.

Hire a Pro (or Train Up an Awesome Amateur). If Steven Spielberg isn't available, you can likely find an affordable videographer or even a media arts student eager to get some experience. You're presenting the face of your Dealership, and you don't want that face to include shaky-cam images and distracting background noise!

Have Mercy on the Viewer. Some videos can run an entertaining hour in length, while others will bore you to death in under two minutes! Because attention spans are notoriously short, especially among web surfers, think carefully before showing every painful step of, for instance, a service repair on an RV in a video created for the non-expert audience. Work with your videographer to pick only the highlights of your presentation.

Use "Tags." Always remember to "tag" your video on your YouTube channel with keywords that will help people find it. If your subject is "the best RV campgrounds in [city],"" for instance, include the phrases "RV campgrounds" and the name of the city in your tags along with your Dealership name.

Get it Out There. Post links to your videos from your Social Media sites and include them on your website's homepage. The more you promote your video, the better your chances you get of having your video seen by the right people - the ones who may become your customers!

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