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How RV Dealers Can STOP! - Stop Wasting Time on Social Media - Here's What Actually Works

Social Media

QUESTION: So who in their right mind is "doing" the whole Social Media thing, anyway?

ANSWER: Everyone!

Or, at least 1.3 billion people worldwide have become SM users in 2012. And, among them, according to a Pew Internet survey, are
65% of ALL adults, with of course, the RV-loving Baby Boomer age group accounting for a huge portion of the numbers.

And thanks to developments in 4G, WiFi and other wireless technology, millions of people stay online - even when they hit the road! So, if you do not have a Social presence yet, it might just be a great time to start.

Quickly Building a Simple but Highly Tactical Social Media Action Plan

A Handful of Questions

Social sites may be high-tech, but the strategy to get YOU there isn't. In fact, by answering just a handful of basic questions (see below) you can build a tactical Social Media Action Plan and avoid wasting time and precious resources:

Where? Naturally, you want to get in front of prospective RV buyers at the sites they frequent most.

  • The big, familiar names like Facebook and Twitter attract untold millions of enthusiasts from - your exact target audience - your ideal age groups and backgrounds. Probably wise for you to "be there" too!
  • Other sites, like Pinterest, draw a more specific demographic (in this case women, who outnumber men by about 3 to 1).
  • Foursquare, a social app, is a favorite of people who like to get around - which is a great way to describe RV owners!
  • Want to get really specific? There's a networking site just for RV owners, called which you can "Like" on Facebook and "Follow" on Twitter. Once there, engage. Connect, comment, help folks out, chime in useful information, answer questions, develop community, build exchanges, interactions and the sharing of brilliant ideas.
  • LinkedIn, has quietly grown to over 161 million users with 2 new members added every second! Now the world's biggest professional network, LinkedIn is a strong, professional way to connect with customers, prospective customers, colleagues (past & present), suppliers, and other key players in the RV industry.

What? Deciding what to publish on your Social Media pages is a matter of knowing your targets and then shaping your blogs, videos, posts, comments, articles and images to their interests and their concerns - not necessarily your interests and concerns!

Here's a key to keep in mind ...

Prospective purchasers of a new(er) RV are not looking ONLY for effective classified ads that show up on top in their Google searches, but also, they want advice - solid advice - on all aspects of their buying decision. That's where your SM presence comes in.

What's more, they're looking for advice on other items like, for example, where they might want to go RV'ing, what they might want to bring along and specifically how to best care for their new RV, and so on.

When? There's no one right answer to the question, "How often should I post my SM content?"" But generally, a regular schedule of a least one update a day will help keep you in front of your audience.

Test the response you get by varying the times of day you post - maybe your RV buyer audience is more likely to catch up on their Social Networks in the evening. Test and see.

The ROI-less Risk Factors

Social Media is hot, but just having a Facebook Page or Twitter feed is no guarantee of success - you also want a return on investment in the form of relationships who could become (or who could refer you) qualified leads.

The top 5 signs you could be wasting your time on Social Media include:

  1. Few friends, followers or contacts
  2. No time to post regularly
  3. Little feedback in the form of "likes", shares, questions or comments
  4. "Unfriend" and other opt-outs
  5. Call-to-action doesn't drive visitors to your landing page

It's Time to Make Your Move!

So, if you're a DIY'er, let's roll! "Make it happen!"

But ...

If you're too busy to develop your own great SM content, consider contracting an outside professional service to handle it on your behalf! Many such "done-for-you" services are available. Google one!

Or, feel free to inquire about's Social Engagement Marketing services because, hey, today's sophisticated RV buyer not only enjoys Social Media - s/he expects it!

Yes, using great SM content to reach out and really connect with a new audience of friends, followers and contacts often proves to be great for business!

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