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1995 Winnebago Rialta EuroVan for sale by Owner - Sweet grass, MT

$15,450 USD - Negotiable
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FOR SALE: Second Owner Fair Condition 1995 Winnebago Rialta
Class C / Sweet grass, MT

1995 VW Winnebago RIALTA
Why sell it? Well I cannot put in the time for my desired renovation, but it is a great little 21' RV and can go where other bigger rigs can not go (even went on the "Going-To-The-Sun Road" in Glacier National Park when no other RV could go. As you can see from the mileage we've gone many times across the country and Canada. I now finally found another engine last year to replace the current engine, (The old engine works - or did when I parked it) so I'll sell that engine with the rig as these engines are so hard to find.
(I preferred to rework these little 5 cylinder engines at the 70K to 90K mark (and did this one at 75,000 miles), helps to check on the viability of the engine and since this engine may go further I thought it best to simply replace and keep the old engine for parts for some future date :) .

• Mileage: At 75,824 we rebuilt the motor had a gasket leak at the time - no big deal but rebuilt the engine anyway...
• current mileage is 177, 824 and got another engine rebuilt from the block up with 30,000 mile warranty engine to replace the 177, 824 existing engine our cost was $3,850.00, plus the shipping here in Montana (Took us over a year to find this other engine, rare as chicken lips :)).
• Currently needs new starter on this engine, (I may put it in this summer just to show that the old engine runs, unless I sell it before then) I have placed a new battery in it this Spring.
• I always used synthetic Castrol Oil (good stuff... a little spendy...but for this 5 cylinders engine excellent, actually here in Montana I use it for all my vehicles). We averaged about 17 miles per gallon in the Rialta....the bigger rigs are gas guzzlers (had one, every gas station it could find!) about 4 to 6 miles per gallon (we got the Rialta from an old Army Warrant Officer- for the mileage among other things {I'm a retired U.S. Marine Warrant Officer so I knew he had some of the same values I have.})
• Rare Complete set of paper engine manuals, and a CD, Operators manual, and Motor Home manuals. The manuals have come in handy on many occasions. These cost us over $200.00, but were worth it on several occasions, and they are rarer than hen's......
• Has $3,590.00 Satellite dish on roof and Satellite Controller & small TV in cabin. This can tune into Direct, Dish or the Canadian Satellite (we used both Direct and Dish over the years).
• Generator has 895 hours and is 3,000 watts was working very well when parked last year. I would maintain it, before using it... putting an oil filter and new oil in it before I use it again. I've seen rigs this old with well over 2,000 run hours, so this one is in the ball park.
• Propane tank and piping good and heater and blower fine.
• The overhead air condition did work when parked, but probably should be replaced, it is getting old and tired (kinda like me, but it did work last time I checked).
• Max Air venting on roof for bathroom good and fan works fine.
• Handles 2 Deep Cycle Batteries (needs new ones), these are retaining a charge, but I've not metered them lately, and they are four or five years old (each cost me $350.).
• Has double stack CB antennas (pulled Cobra out...need CB replacing, but most folks are using cell phones and so probably not needed.)
• Tires are fair, but rig has been setting a year, spare tire in rear well seems ok.
• Needs TLC; but for an older rig it is a good buy. Was winterized and still has antifreeze in water lines and water heater, must be flushed before using....
• Worked suspension (air bags and such about three years ago) all still good, both front and back.
• Sealed roof about five or six years ago, had a leak when it stormed so I repaired it.
• Bathroom needs sink needs checking, but appears ok.
• Back shade needs replacing, other shades ok.
• Sky light ok and had a inside cover put in for sleeping, did the same for the bathroom fan vent (fan works fine), both working fine.
• All cabinets are good (except the near bed needs re-railing, but does seat ok, and some trim should be the trim...just glue it..
• Indirect lighting works fine (switch over back cabinet, installed for traveling down the road at night) off RV batteries (and the lights look cool at night :).
• Additional front fog type lights need replacing, wiring in place but rocks have taken one out. The extra light did help on several occasions.
• Have additional light switches (was going to install additional lights outside so the switches could be installed inside), never got to it..
• We were at a dealership in Texas and the door panel was taken...(now why would anyone want a door panel... looking for another, but should be able to find one, looking for a junked out Rialta or the panel.
• I was going to give it another paint job, but once time.
• When we were in Florida in 2005 or was it 2006 (ahhh memories) we had the transmission rebuilt from the casing out, so the actual mileage on the transmission is probably less that 15,000 miles. I could feel the slippage, so once again, preventative maintenance and longer duration of operation.
• I think that is about all I can say about the not want to sell anyone anything without folks knowing what they are getting. The 1995 Rialta's I've priced at around $19,000 to $22,000, so with all the additional I think this is a good buy.
So if someone buys the rig for $15,450.00 I will throw in the new engine if they want it, otherwise I'll sell it independently, or take the engine and you sell it ! (another 5 cylinders) $3,850.00 I paid for it (with potentially more miles than other 1995 s being sold. If your a good mechanic (or know one), then simply put in the rebuild engine and your investment is only 15K. and another starter (unless I get to it first) puts you on the road for another 175,000 miles :).

As you might guess, I'm a fair hand with a wrench and attempt to prevent major problems before they occur, so our trips have been enjoyable in this rig...

A good buy, but maybe not a steal....

Got another offer? Pitch it, maybe I can be talked into it :)

"Gunner" Irwin

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