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Jan 31, 2017 Voted Most Helpful Review 2017 Thor Motor Coach Gemini 23TB

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"Horribly disappointed"
I had searched the rv scene for a while looking on some pretty particular features. I knew I wanted a Diesel engine, a couch rather than a dinette and a slide out the side so I could put a dirt bike on the back of the rv. I found the 2017 Gemini TB and it fit the bill. It is a purchase that I deeply regret as I have been very disappointed. The overall construction is extremely cheap. Multiple cabinet doors and a tv have fallen off their mountings just from road vibration. The hot water heater works 1 out every 5 times I try to use it. The unit came to me damaged with a broken valence and a dented ladder. The dealership ordered the parts months ago and they still haven't arrived from Thor. The bed support is incredibly cheap and flimsy. Other dealers had told me that Thor was cheap construction and I thought that would mean it just wouldn't have some of the nice fixtures that a Winnie or higher end brand would have. I didn't realize it would mean that it would literally fall apart while driving. At 10,000 miles and 6 months the rig seems more ready for retirement than repair.
- Nick Burns, New Jersey

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