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Jul 26, 2017 2017 Starcraft Launch Grand Touring 265RLDS

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Perhaps I should be waiting to write this review, I just got the unit today. Several things stand out though. First off, the dealer makes a difference, and even the staff at the dealer contribute to the comfort level with the RV, so choose wisely. The gentleman who showed us our new 265RLDS, knew less about it than I did after a quick walk around. I'll be describing my unit. I'm not 100% sure if all have the same options as mine. I know it has a few upgrades, but basically stock.

Nice large storage compartment up front, full width across the whole camper, with a push button light, and the battery disconnect. Also the emergency crank for the stabilizer jacks is located here. Entrance to interior has solid feeling, swing away grab bar to the left of the steps. Steps pull out easily, and bottom step folds down. Large electric awning, with blue LED lighting along the camper side. Outdoor 120 volt receptacle, and a TV coax connection on the center slide out exterior. Well thought out exterior kitchen.
Small 120 volt only refrigerator, and sink, with 120 volt receptacle. The plumbing is a little funky. As near as I can tell, and the walk through guy at the dealer wasn't helpful at all, the sink has its own fresh water storage tank, separate of the main tank. It has its own pump, that pulls water from that tank only, and isn't fed city water when the camper is hooked to a water hookup. The pump and pre plumbed winterization valves are accessible behind the false drawer front under the sink. Someone ripped off the grill, but the bracket is mounted to the rear bumper, and easily swings around to be accessible near the sink.
The rear bumper is large enough to store sewer hoses with the connectors attached. Above the bumper on the entrance side, is the fill port for the fresh tank for the outdoor kitchen only. At the center top of the back, the unit is pre wired and has the mounting for a Furrion back up camera. They supplied the actual camera and monitor with my unit, and I haven't tried it yet, but it looks like a great aide. As an aside, if you can, get the Furrion observation camera system, instead of the back up camera only. It allows you to use it as a rear view camera going down the road. I've got to see how the power is set up to the camera. If it only comes on when the vehicle goes into reverse, I may need to re wire the power feed.
Around the corner on the drivers side rear is a gray water dump connection and valve. One of 2 connections, and 3 (yes 3) gray water valves. It looks like this valve only empties gray tank #2.
The 50 amp power plug is on this side, next to the TV Coax input. I know this unit is upgraded there, as it has 2 air conditioners.
Just in the other side of the slide out is the second sewer connector. There are 2 gray water valves here, one for gray tank #1, and I believe a second valve for gray tank #2. So you can drain gray tank #2 from either the front or back location. The black tank valve is located further forward, and drains to this location.
The "docking" station is located above the sewer connection, and allows you to hook up city water to the camper, or, by turning the blue lever, fill fresh water tank one, which is used for everything but the outdoor kitchen sink. There is a pump switch located here, and a small, (very small) light.
On the exterior are the water heater access, refrigerator vent and furnace vent. These are all fairly standard, like most RV's.
Each of the 4 corners has a switch to extend and retract the electric stabilizer jacks. Both front switches run both sides, and the same for the rear, so you can drop or retract both jacks at the same time, from 1 location.
I'll write a separate review of the interior after we use it a few times.
- , Colorado

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