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2001 Safari Zanzibar 3896 for sale by Owner - Evergreen, CO

$61,000 $57,500 USD - Negotiable
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FOR SALE: Particularly Nice SMC Safari ZANZIBAR
Class A - Diesel / Evergreen, CO

For Sale 2001 Safari Zanzibar with a front entry showing 44,360 miles. It is a 2 slide coach both on the left side. It includes original manuals case with all system manuals. It includes original build sheet and mechanical inclusion information with serial numbers and model nrs. It includes a binder with all maintenance and improvement receipts over the last 6 years we have owned it. It includes all original textiles included at the original point of purchase. It is a coach that has always been in the West and virtually all of it in Colorado hence it is minimally rusty
The following is an extensive list of improvements and modifications made from 2011 thru 2015. They are not necessarily in accomplished order:


TRC 50 AMP Surge Guard, hard wired into electrical bay Camping World $300+ upgrade

4 Interstate Batteries 2 yr old 12 volt group 31 one size up from OEM Shop cost $90+ ea $360

WINEGARD SWM TV Antenna self aligning has a lower profile and works better Direct TV $1,500 upgrade

ALPINE Stereo/CD w/woofer, amp, related wiring and fuses W/USB port for Thumb Drive, Bluetooth $450 in that neighborhood installed upgrade

SAMSUNG 27" TV bedroom upgrade

SILVERLEAF Engine monitoring software l)
LED ICC/CLEARANCE lights (16) $300+ upgrade

BRAKE Tow control module new replacement $46 Maint
Furnace was disassembled and the fan motor lubricated


LEESE NIELSON 130 AMP (SERVICED) PRESTOLITE CORPORATION Thought it had an issue it did not $75 Maint

BATTERY SEPARATOR 130 AMP NOCO (UPGRADE) OEM was a 120 amp and it went bad should have been sized to alternator output of 130 Maint $50

NAPA VACUUM Pump replaced for cockpit heat operation Maint $50

6 12 Volt Utility Sockets numerous in cockpit area$50 upgrade


CRYOED FRONT ROTORS resist heat and fracturing better heat release (nitrogen frozen)$500

MASTER CYLINDER NEW TYPE better braking action and full system flush (NEW FLUID) $600

BRAKE pads all four corners new compound softer better braking ABEX from Federal Mogul $250

WHEEL SEAL rt front previous install left a portion of original in place & both bearings $165 unnecessary repair but a good story

AIR CONDITIONING COMPRESSOR REPLACED NEW improper install of original broke wing $250

AC DRYER time to replace with compressor. System had not worked in a long time recharged $75
134A Refrigerant

COCKPIT HEAT CONTROL valve replaced no longer functioning correctly $90+-

EXHAUST AERO STAINLESS MUFFLER performance upgrade cooler exhaust temps added some growl to the coach OEM unit created a lot of unwanted heat below bedroom floor, original was fire prone $115

2 90 degree elbows and custom mounts $42 EA $84+

PIONEER ENGINEERING TIGER TRAX 3 suspension components for better tracking, wonderful $900

KONI SHOCKS replaced original Bilstines were still in good condition Great ride $400

PIONEER ENGINEERING Supplemental Air Bag system, piping and adjustable regulators & guages $1,500 This is aiding in the life extension of the Velvet Ride torsion bars as a result the ride is very smooth.

TRANSMISSION fluid change to TRANDSYN SPEC 295 BP Allison Approved 6 X $38 $230
DIFFERENTIAL fluid change to HD 75/130 synthetic $200 by Stewart and Stevenson ALLISON Service Center

CAT WATER pump replaced new with accompanying upper and lower hoses w/clamps $400? invoice another unnecessary repair and a good story

CAT REGULATORS (thermostats)new w/gasket $36

REGULATOR block gasket replaced against engine block $5.00 goes with nr 15 story

SERPENTINE BELT replaced NAPA and spare $25

WATER PUMP belt replaced NAPA $15

CAT RADIATOR FLUSH AND REFILL W/CAT long life coolant 100,000 mile/5 yr 8 gallons

ROTELLA OIL change and new filter 6 gallons $12.97 Walmart $80

VALVE adjustment current at 36K Maint

Exhaust and Cold Air Plenums wrapped with fiberglass heat wrap to control heat in & keep cool in and heat out, Performance upgrade Cold equals HP 3 rolls fiberglass tape @50=150

PAC BRAKE upgrade to PRXB 30% better at lower speeds upgrade $795

TOYO 255 R70 22.5 J (rated 75 MPH) 3 yr old front tires $350 ea $700

I installed two ball valves, one on the bottom of the fuel tank in order to drain water and gunk from the fuel tank and a second in the cockpit heater return line to make it easier to drain coolant for a coolant changes. It is otherwise a mess! CAT coolant change interval (all) 200,000 miles or 5 years on Long Life Coolant.It also makes it very easy to check the acidic nature of the anti freeze.


OIL FILTERS several additional Spares see below

FUEL FILTERS several additional "Primary" spare filters are available at a cost equal to what I paid for them on sale at a 50% discount on the annual NAPA WIX filter sale

AIR FILTER additional spare see above

CAT SERPENTINE belt tensioner additional at shop cost per included invoice


WATER PUMP belt good used

BP 295 ALLISON approved transmission/steering fluid 1 gallon additional purportedly good for a mile per a gallon, also used in the leveling system

CAT VALVE cover gasket Additional as a spare part

Dually Rim left rear stolen and replaced with reconditioned.....maint good story

FENDER WELL PROFILE replaced tired $40 Maint

Fuel tank is maybe half full 40 gallons +- @2.50 gallon $100


INSULATION applied extensively to the underside of the coach using 1",1/2" and 1/4" foil faced bubble insulation. Took a couple weeks to complete. Still more that could be done.

In preparation to sell:

New roof top vent covers were purchased, originals tired and worn.

Three tubes of Dicore roof sealant were used to reseal various components.

The roof was scrubbed and repainted with Dicor fiberglass roof paint.

AC cover scrubbed clean as were the skylights and shower skylight.

Various manufacturer moldings resealed.

All tail lights headlight surrounds and side markers were polished to look like new.



SHOWER/BATH Control replaced froze...maint I failed to winterize properly the first winter $75

STUDOR VENT Bathroom.......maint Just aged out and should be replaced before the coach smells $X2 15=$30

INSULATION foil faced foam added to some outside wall cabinets and front cap/rear cap See last item on the list in excess of $500 in materials

3 SOLID WALNUT doors made for original TV and electronics cabinets/hinges & struts $350 These certainly look better and less dated than the black plastic originals

SAMSUNG 27 inch TV master bedroom NEW & unused $197 factory refurb

TADI BROS back up camera 4 inch screen and 92 foot zone HD camera $150



LOCK front door re-keyed.....maint $30

LOCKS all compartment doors re-keyed from OEM (same key will work in all alike motor homes with same handle and probably more) This one is now different than every other coach $325+ upgrade

HITCH Beefed up rear hitch, heavier walled tubing cross member, top gusset and tongue $150 upgrade

AIR CONDITIONERS, house, replaced chassis to roof seals MONACO Some very faint evidence that at one time a leak had occurred 2 x 45=$90

AIR CONDITIONER covers are both new, originals were completely functional but cracked at mounting points $98 EA $200+

AWNING seal on top replaced as it was non-existent MONACO part maint $3 OR $4 a foot x 18

WIPER ARM MONACO.....maint Broken when I bought it Maint $48

DASH VENTS LOUVERED were broken due to age replaced.....maint $25 ea 4=$100

TV MOUNT in cockpit, articulated will take a 32 inch SAMSUNG SMART, installed $125

The manufacturing process of these coaches relied upon speed and so there were some things that could be improved upon. One of these was reducing the excess duct hose related to the cockpit heating and defrost system. I removed 17 feet of excess hose making heat delivery much more effective. I sealed numerous holes in the under dash area that let cold air penetrate in uncontrolled amounts while driving. In the summer time this was not an issue, however in the fall or early spring...COLD! This also relates to the curtain mentioned elsewhere.

MAIN SLIDE lower seal replaced with modified seal will last indefinitely difficult repair maint

FANTASTIC FAN operable cover replaced w/premium cover Camping World $25

PROPANE TANK IS close to full. $80 15 + gallons

Various panels were refinished and a major touch up was done to painted surfaces catching major blemishes and most other smaller ones.

Onan 7500 quiet generator was washed and cleaned still within last service interval Low hour unit runs and works fine 256 hours, no smoke

Chassis fully greased as well as the drive shaft and engine fan!

Oil change and filters are current with only a few miles. It was changed after the trip last fall Oct 2016

Idler pulley for the serpentine belt removed and the bearing inspected and the pulley was cleaned...smooth as glass

Full coach exterior has been wheel polished and waxed. All of the glass has been polished to remove accumulated water/mineral spots and just sparkle!

Alcoa Aluminum wheels are freshly polished bright and shiny!

Front lower driving lights are new bright and shiny

Heated mirrors are in working order and are also freshly painted and polished

Both slides work as fine, main living room slide sits 1/4 inch low both have been lubed as directed

Numerous rivets were drilled out and replaced tightening, substantially the related structures which had loosened over time. Aluminum steel shanked rivets were used and pulled with an air riveter. This helped in several places with panel alignment.

Included items; More than is listed 2 green folding chairs, Black windshield sunshades in excellent condition, necessary pull rods, sewer dump hose, water hoses, filter and stand, Dust Devil battery vacuum, Dirt Devil 120 volt electric vac, small air compressor, Brake Buddy box, 2 sets new wheel covers, coach cover but a bit tattered 1 year old, full fuel tank and propane tank. We installed a track and curtains to separate the cockpit from the rear of the rest of the coach.

Exterior colors are Sabi Sabi Green and White full body paint on aluminum side walls and fiberglass caps. Paint is OEM Diamont, a subset of BASF in excellent condition and has been fully polished and waxed. It shines like a mirror. Information on paint colors and code numbers with formulas are included in the manual case. All of the coach windows are dual pane tinted except the front windshield. Front windshields and are in excellent condition and are OEM as well. Drivers side lower left corner had a rock star which was glued and is barely visible. All of the exterior glass has received a polishing to remove accumulated water spotting and coated with Rain Ex.

Wheels are 22.5 ALCOA Aluminum and are freshly polished. The fronts are equipped with 3 year old Toyo 121 J 255 R 70 J's and the rears are same size, due for replacement next year.

Kwiki front entry steps are in great working condition and recently all joints lubed with Wurth 2000 spray grease. The unit was cleaned and refinished.

Brake system is in excellent condition with new master cylinder, front rotors cryogenically treated and new ABEX pads all around and new brake fluid.

The Allison World 3000 transmission was treated/converted to new synthetic Transyn approved BP fluid 10,300 miles ago summer of 2015. The two filters were also changed with authentic Allison units.

Differential fluid was converted to synthetic fluid 75/135 summer of 2015

It should be disclosed here too that the drive shaft exited the coach on its own and was subsequently replaced in total. Oddly enough a u joint failed for reasons unknown, since the both received regular service.

The slide seals are in excellent condition. All fit tightly with no visible air gaps. The bottom seal of the primary living room/kitchen slide was replaced with a modified and upgraded seal of our design intended to last indefinitely during the summer of 2015. The primary slide has also been recently lubricated.

In the early summer of 2015 I made a big effort to improve the insulayive quality of this coach. I spent a long two weeks and something around $500 in material costs to insulate the exterior of the cargo bay on five sides and the floor below the primary slide, and the exposed tanks of the water bay. I also insulated the closet and inside the engine bay access cover. This latter effort reduced the bedroom after shut down temps by more than 20 degrees. There is still more floor area that could be done to complete this project. I insulated all of the behind cabinetry spaces I could that had outside wall exposure. For the most part it added a value of R12. It does not take much to keep the cargo bay warm now.

All of the clearance lights have been converted to lights containing 16 LEDs each in 2015

There have been numerous suspension upgrades that have worked flawlessly. The related information is supplied in the coach case or upgrade/invoice binder.

The coolant was changed 2015 to CAT's ELC (extra long life)product and the radiator thoroughly cleaned from the outside. The operating temperature will be about 190 and both thermostats are CAT new. CAT calls them regulators. A number of hoses were changed during the water pump upgrade/change. CAT recommends changing coolant every 200,000 miles or 5 years.

During the course of normal maint. like a house some of the originally applied black urethane sealant along the bottom of the right side had come loose. Since it was sealing the stainless trim to the cargo bay floor and framing I replaced it.

Interior of this coach is solid Black Walnut a durable hardwood and was an option. Its finish has mellowed to a nice umber color not nearly as dark as it was originally. The carpet a light green shows only light wear and has been recently cleaned. The ultra leather front seats, driver, passenger, and rocking chair are in stellar condition. Last but not least, the fabric living room couch is in perfect condition. It looks like is has never been used. It's seating is very nice and very firm all over. This coach came with most options available at the time as noted on supplied Specification Guide.

All of the small task lights inside have been converted to LEDs with one exception, the bathroom toilet.

The bed room mattress is an original, ok but not great. We had a Sleep Number there, great for us but...we are keeping it.

All of the Day/Night shades are in excellent condition, no frayed strings or other known problems

All three of the vent fans work just as they should, one in the kitchen is a highly rated Fantastic Fan.

Cabinetry flooring, fuzzy material like the ceiling, is in stellar condition., hardly a stain in it/on it.

Tile flooring and grout lines have been scrubbed and cleaned, they look new.

There has not been any full time living in this coach. There was once a dog owned by the previous owner 6 years ago. It has never been smoked in. Both past and present owners are non-smokers.

Lastly and not the least important the CAT 3126B vin. 8YL91954 has run perfectly. It has been very adequate for our needs. Living in Colorado it has been in the mountains plenty. It has pulled trailers both empty and loaded with no over-heats. We have had a Silverleaf program running on this rig and all systems have been great. Trip mileage has been between 9.75 MPG and 6.8 MPG pulling a trailer loaded. Travel speeds typically have been in the 60-65 MPH zone. That is not to say she hasn't seen higher. 62-63 on cruise with the Mode switch activated seems to be the sweet spot for mileage. I have had the oil tested each change by CAT with no negatives. Typical oil change has been after each season amounting to approximately 5,500 miles each of the last two years. Cat allows 11,000 miles between changes.

Price History

Original Price$61,000
Listed Price$61,000
ReducedFeb 27/2017$57,500(-3,500)
Total Price Change:-$3,500

Excluding price changes of less than $100.



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