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Dec 01, 2016 2014 Prime Time Spartan 300 3210

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Where to start, so many issues with this new 5th wheel,
Bathroom sink faucet so close to the back of the sink you could not get your hands under the water, the stream of water barely made into the rim of the sink.
This is supposed to be the winter model super insulated, the front of the trailer at the head of the bed and no insulation at all.
The electric leveling jack have been nothing but problems, sometimes they work fine then the next time they error out and it is a nightmare to get them rest to work properly.
We have approximately 24000 mile now on our 5er and even today after a day on the road you have to clean the sawdust off the bed that falls from the ceiling from antenna handle ceiling penetration.
The spot for the wash machine in the garage requires that the wash protrudes into the exterior doorway about 4". Real good engineering.
I wore out a set of tires in 12,000 miles because the wheels were never aligned properly at the factory. The tires were over 3/8" out of alignment. To date the factory still denies that there was noting wrong. I took it to two factory service dealers and both had no idea how to even check the alignment. The second one agreeed there was something seriously wrong. I finally found a private company that had the knowledge and experience to fix the problem at my cost. $600.00 to straighten the and align the axles and $1,000.00 for new tires.
The exterior side skirting by the wheels has cracked from vibration.
The kitchen sink has radial cracks in the fiberglass and has started leaking.
The heat vents were totally full of sawdust and I had to clean them myself.
The propane switchover valve is mounted so that it will only rotate to one tank.
Shower drain would continue to leak even after two trips to the service center, I finally had to fix it myself.
Sawdust had plugged up the gas burner for the refrigerator when it was new.
All these and other issues were reported to the factory and for most of them they always said it was per spec or something I had done to cause the problem.
This company needs a class action lawsuit brought against them for the poor workmanship them and nonresponciveness to issues.
- Ed, Oregon

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