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I bought this Vesta and drove it cross country and back. It drives like a big car (sports car). It especialy handles great after the Instalation of a Steer Safe devise. Pluenty of room for the two of us and our two dogs. More storage room than I'd ever use. This coach has all the high end RV features, tile floors, coriand counters, ice maker, full Quean sized bed, air suspension, air brakes, right sized porcelain torlet etc. etc. The NAVSTAR international MaxxForce7 V8 twin turbo diesal engine has pluenty of get up and go and cursing at 70mph is a brease. The aerodynamic designed rig is made to travel. The 55 degree turning radius makes cultisacs no problem even with a three point turn in the smallest of them, and getting in and out of the smallest gas stations which I thought I'd never do or pulling into a fast food restraunt is no problem (I was not towing another car). I love my Vesta, it has every high end feature you want and at 32 feet it is the right size. It is definately an eye catcher, can't tell you how many people came over to take a look, take a picture! and ask questions about my Vesta. It is a "one of a kind" in RV history.
- , California

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