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Sep 14, 2016 2015 Leisure Travel Free Spirit SS FSSS

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The RV was a dream to drive. Quick off the line with plenty of power to accelerate into freeway traffic or to pull around and pass quickly. I can no longer live without blind spot detectors and the park assist comes in handy when you think you are about to park tight and realize the van is still 3 feet away. All of the controls ergonomically located on the steering wheel are nice. Simple things like adjusting the radio volume for commercials can be done easily. My wife dared me to test the emergency stop but common sense took over Thank God!
We pulled a single axle trailer out to Colorado and back over 3000 miles and often forgot it was behind!
The only reason I didn't give it a perfect for livability is we are getting up in years and aren't as agile or flexible when getting in and out of the bed.
We love the dry shower and continuous hot water.
When packing clothes to travel from hot Florida to cold Colorado we had plenty of storage spaces for the bulky cold weather gear.
Having the LED lights in the hanging closets is especially nice and the LED lighting throughout is bright with excellent coverage.
Unless you have experienced the quality of fit and finish of an LTV van it is hard for me to describe it. It always gave me a sense of pride when showing the van to friends and family.
I was surprised how much could be stored in the back area. With the adjustable shelf and hangers, I wasn't frustrated at all when packing everything we felt we had to have along.
I'll admit I can't offer a judgement on all of the electronics because we aren't IT smart and having too much fun with everything else. It is safe to say most of those features have never been used.
We haven't done any cooking or smoking in our RV. The 2 door refrigerator is great. The freezer is surprisingly big. We were able to make ice for drinks along the way while keeping way too many boxes of Engstroms Toffee from Colorado frozen to ration out when we got home.
We love our van. It is going to be hard watching it leave but I know the new owner will love it and care for it as well as we have done.
- Dave Yoder, Florida

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