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Jul 16, 2016 Voted Most Helpful Review 2014 Heartland Road Warrior RW 410

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It\'s heavy.. But thats ok.. To big for one person.. And while I\'m not completely dissatisfied with it, I am more than a little disappointed with it.. Straight off the lot, the grey water tank from the kitchen area came loose. Trim falling off inside and out.. Air blows thru the windows , closed or not.. Something is happening to the floor covering, i don\'t know what it is but its rolling up in the middle.. Hydraulic jacks will not level. Paneling for the cabinets is starting to :wrinkle:?.. Although I haven\'t had electrical issues, the wiring looks like it was pieced together off the shop floor. And now, due to a hail storm in Canada, I have a busted skylight in the washroom over the shower.. Not really a big deal, EXCEPT THERE IS NO REPLACEMENT. I\'m going to have to get one custom made?!?!?! This is ridiculous .. If I EVER get rid of this thing.. I will NEVER buy another Heartland product again and I will not recommend one.. I bought this unit new, I am the only person to use it, and I do my best to take care of it.. But the quality is less than poor.. And for the money that is paid for these things, it should be a priority.
- Russell, Louisiana

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