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Aug 26, 2017 2010 Forest River Surveyor Sport SP 295

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We bought this camper brand new in 2010. It has worked great for us. We miss our 5th wheel we traded, but since we only had a 1/2 ton truck a bigger 5th wheel for our newly expanded family was not an option. Our 5th wheel had an outside refrigerator which we did not want to give up. Was excited to learn they have just come out with an outside kitchen. Love the outside kitchen and could never own a camper without this. We do all our cooking outside. I could give up the inside kitchen before the outside one.

This fit our family of 7 quite nicely. It is nice that is does not need all the stabilizer equalizer system that some travel trailers use. We do use the Anti Sway control, but that is it. It is light weight enough for our 1/2 ton truck and yet big enough for the family. We now have our 1st grandchild. There is no place to put a pack and play except to fold the table down and place the pack and play on top.

One thing I would change would be to have an outside shower. I think they thought with the outside kitchen there was no need for the outside shower. It came with a quick attach so you could change the sink from the normal faucet to the hose with a spray nozzle. When you do dishes you want the spray nozzle to rinse. Changing back and forth was a pain. My husband designed something that has an attachment that goes into the quick attach and has a valve that we move one way or the other so both are connected at all time.

This model for this year just has a curtain that closes the master bedroom off from the camper. It would be nice if it were more than just curtain, but that would add weight. Also the couch in the 2010 is very comfortable to sit on, but has 2 different Heights when folded down. Kids still thought it was comfortable, but weird that is wasn't the same level. I notice this was fixed with the 2011 model.

Also the 2010 model has the outside kitchen with an outside microwave. We do all our cooking outside so having a microwave outside it great. Shortly after that this year they took the Microwave out and only had the one inside. I think I would miss it. Was glad to see there are other campers now that have the microwave outside.

Everything that I wish was different would all add more weight. If you have a 1/2 ton truck you will not be sorry in get this light weight camper. We have had very few problems with it.Very happy with our purchase.
- , Minnesota

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