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Feb 05, 2015 Voted Most Helpful Review 2004 Fleetwood Revolution 40D

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Although we rented this unit thinking we should "try before we buy" we did spend a ton of time in it. We drove this beauty from Raleigh, NC to Palmdale, CA and back over Christmas - a total of 5500 miles in 16 days. We were treated to some pretty nice days and dry weather while driving out, but ran into some winter conditions on I-20 between Pecos, TX and Dallas. Temps in El Paso the night before dropped down to the upper teens and meant that the furnace would have to keep up with the cold air and winds that night. No problem with the Revo - the furnace was set to 65 degrees and kicked on and off every 15 to 18 minutes. Never a chill in the air!! Aside from the Norcold fridge not working at all when we picked up the rig, all else was pretty trouble-free. The Camping World dealer in Columbia, SC did a splendid job getting the fridge problem worked out - put his finger on the issue right away and recommended a course of action for the balance of the trip.

Many rigs suffer from the "shakes" and the Revo was no different - as we put our "home on wheels" through minor earthquakes for the trip! Numerous small items had fallen apart due to the bumps and bounces of the roads particularly bad in Louisiana - avoid them if at all possible. We had to go that southern route as the Northern I-40 corridor was snowy and questionable at best. I was very pleased with the 350hp Cummins power plant turbo diesel. The performance was surprisingly good. Also we averaged about 8.2 mpg with a FULL LOAD of people and stuff, but I kept it at 60 to 65 mph. My son kept it at 70 to 75 mph most of the time and was rewarded with 7.23 mpg's! That's a considerable difference! My confidence with Fleetwood is bolstered from what a friend had told me - said to stay away from F'wood, get a Tiffen unit - much better quality and service. From what I saw in over 5,000 miles of driving, there could not have been much difference between the two. Other than price!!! At this point, the cons would be limited to some onboard items not working - none of the tank capacity gauges worked so we had to guess; and the TV Satellite receiver never did pull in channels (my errors or system issues??). The numerous items falling off/apart enroute due to bumps I would attribute to poor roads and not poor quality although to make stuff more robust in these things would add considerable cost. And anyway, I enjoy fiddling with them and fixing stuff!! :) Next up, try to figure out which one to buy - retirement first!!
- Joe Owen, North Carolina

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