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May 07, 2016 Voted Most Helpful Review 2016 DRV Full House Full house

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This unit looks very beautiful but the quality on the exterior is -10 first 24 hours I used this unit the heater blew up which is no fault by the drv next time I used it AC quit working in less than eight months it started leaking on all the seals on the exterior drv said there must have been a problem which it was a big problem because somebody f***** up and painted over top of the silicon and the Silicon is not made to be painted over drv did not want to stand behind their problem II the bottom of the trailer does not completely secure rodents got in through the bottom that was turned loose on this unit travel less than 2000 miles got inside the units and shoot up a lot of wires second drv manufacturer warranty is the one of the worst they do not stand behind their product exterior is worse that I've ever seen in a unit of this caliber
- Joe, Florida

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